Training tips for beginner football players

As the season gets underway, children are taking to football fields to learn plays, run drills and perfect their passes and punts. Yet, building strength and endurance should be a key focus for players in their first year of tackle football. These core aspects of sportsmanship can better equip children for the sport and help to reduce their risk of injury.

Coaches and parents who encourage their players to focus on the following training regimens throughout their first football season can help to set up their children for success.

Cardiovascular exercise: Though much of football occurs in short bursts of activity, it is a fast-paced game. Cardio is the best way to increase physical endurance regardless of your sport. Jog, cycle or jump rope regularly.
Nutrition: No workout routine can be successful without a healthy diet to back it up. Active bodies need plenty of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to support muscle growth.
Plyometrics: These exercises are crucial for developing speed and power for football players. Great beginner's activities include jumping side to side over a cone and power skipping.
Stretching: Keeping muscles loose not only helps them heal and prevents soreness, but it ups performance as well. Tight muscles slow athletes down.
Weightlifting: Increasing muscle strength in both the upper and lower body is critical for football players. After individual acclimation, gradually progress to heavier weights with fewer repetitions to maximize strength building.

No matter the player's position or current level of athleticism, it is always critical to gradually ramp up and vary exercise routines as well as allow rest periods to prevent overuse injuries. Being healthy and physically prepared for the sport is just as important as having the best helmets and cleats.

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