Benefits of cross-training – protecting your body, building strength

Most athletes have a passion, whether it's track, cycling, soccer or football. Sometimes, even if they engage in another sport, it's really just to keep themselves active until "their" season arrives. However, cross-training should be an important part of every individual's exercise regimen. Not only does this method offer a change in routine, it provides health benefits and can even make them better at a favorite sport.

A wonderful advantage to cross-training is that it allows athletes to continue to exercise without risking injury. Overuse injuries are some of the most common, and preventable, in sports. By cross-training, a person can avoid repetitive use of a single joint or muscle motion. It also allows the less-frequently used muscle groups to grow.

Another plus, related to the former, is called active recovery, which hinges on the well-known principle that exercise is only useful once a person has properly rested from his last workout. By switching activities, general fitness can be maintained while stressed parts of the body heal. An individual is then primed for strength gain when they return to their standard exercise.

Finally, engaging in numerous activities that focus on different skills and areas of the body, athletes can actually increase their overall fitness. Muscles and joints get "used to" certain routines and can actually become more efficient at performing them with minimal effort – ask anyone who is trying to lose the infamous "last 5 pounds." With cross-training, this is less likely to happen as the body can't get accustomed to any one workout.

Cross-training is a great way for athletes in all sports to increase their performance and maintain their health at the same time.

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