Can Miguel Cabrera bring the triple crown back from the dead?

A slightly under-the-radar story in the sports world this week has been Miguel Cabrera's chase after the MLB triple crown. In addition to the hunt for October, Cabrera is looking for an entree into one of the most exclusive clubs in baseball, one that has not had a new member since 1967.

The triple crown consists in leading the majors for the season in batting average, runs batted in and homers. Cabrera leads in the first two categories comfortably, and as of September 26, trailed home run leader Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers by just a single dinger.

However, Cabrera's team, the Detroit Tigers, is also in the midst of a tight pennant chase with the Chicago White Sox. The teams are currently tied for first place in their division, with just a few games left to decide who will move on.

Only 13 men have ever won the triple crown, the last being Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox, who had his monumental season 45 years ago. While in the years since, many players have dominated two of the three areas, none have managed to secure the final piece of the puzzle.

Of the pitchers who would seek to shut him out, Cabrera said in an interview with The New York Times, "I've got to get lucky, man, because there are a lot of great players. They're not going to let me do it, so I've got to work hard for that. Our goal right now is winning."

If Cabrera accomplishes this feat, the resurrection of the triple crown could set a new, yet retro, standard for hitters in baseball, which recently has been dominated by powerful guys who make their name by knocking it out of the park on a regular basis at the cost of maintaining a high batting average.

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