Robert Griffin III, with stellar Week One performance, sets the bar high for rookie QBs

Since the Redskins' 40-32 victory over the Saints last weekend, sports analysts have been clamoring to get in on the Robert Griffin III (RG3) action. While much of the commentary has been hyperbolic – it's a bit preemptive to say he'll be the best quarterback this year after one game – it has prompted a healthy debate about the role of athleticism in a quarterback's performance.

In Sunday's game, RG3 completed 19 of his 26 passes to gain 320 yards in the game. Not only is this impressive, it was historic: ESPN reported that no other quarterback in his first National Football League (NFL) game had achieved more than 300 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions to boot. He was named by the NFC offensive player of the week, another unheard-of achievement for a rookie.

His success, even just in week one, demonstrates a growing trend among NFL quarterbacks. RG3 and Andrew Luck were the top two draft picks in the league this year because of their athleticism, just like runaway star Cam Newton in the previous season.

Luck's combine times, according to ESPN, are very similar to Newton's. RG3 has recorded a 4.35 on the 40-yard dash. At least by these measurements, the two rookies could duke it out with the best runningbacks in the game.

George Whitfield, Cam Newton's former trainer, told ESPN, "The 'drop-back' quarterback always referred to somebody who had more organization and discipline to play in the pocket. … Now you're seeing that same drop-back talent being one of the best athletes on the field."

RG3 will have all eyes on him going into this weekend, when the Redskins will take on the Rams, and throughout this season.

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