World Cup’s sports medicine sponsor to host 16 injury prevention clinics

As part of its partnership with the 2014 FIFA World Cup, DePuy Mitek announced in a press release on Wednesday that it will hold 16 events around the United States to help educate soccer players, their parents and community programs about injury prevention.

The initiative, which is a joint effort among several prominent safety organizations, local groups and corporations, has been dubbed The Sports Injury Prevention Program, and each clinic will include talks from U.S. national team players as well as sports medicine specialists.

DePuy Mitek's president, Ian Lawson, said in the release, "For many years, we have been educating young athletes how to prevent and manage sports-related injuries through clinics around the country, including an ongoing collaboration with Safe Kids USA. Through our recent sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we are excited to enhance our educational programming with FIFA's 11+ and add additional clinics and resources."

According to the release, in the five clinics that have already transpired, more than 1,300 people have attended and received hands-on training and lectures from soccer stars and physicians on safety in the sport.

Cobi Jones, a former U.S. team member and World Cup player, was one of the featured speakers at the Sports Injury Prevention Program in Boston, which was held on Wednesday, September 19. As part of his contribution, he taught young soccer players the FIFA 11+ warm-up, a set of exercises designed by the governing organization to help reduce the risk of injury to soccer players. Jones has appeared in the World Cup three times, a testament to his commitment to playing safe and staying healthy.

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