Essential back-to-school gift ideas for athletes

Every parent of an athlete knows that back-to-school shopping is as much for sports gear as it is for notebooks and pencils. Here are a few gift ideas for the athlete heading into the fall season.

A quality duffel bag is crucial for athletes in any sport. Whether carrying their baseball bats, football pads or soccer cleats, a thick bag that won't suffer from wear and tear and offers as much ergonomic support as possible will be best for your sports lover. Bags with organizing pockets are also great, as they can keep smaller items like mouthguards away from large equipment like shoulder pads and helmets.

Cleatskins are another essential for young players. Cleat covers are designed to protect athletic shoes for an array of sports, including football, soccer, baseball, rugby, track, cycling, wrestling and golf. The specialized shoes required for these activities are often costly and can be ruined by street wear. 

Cleat covers not only allow athletes to travel with ease by providing needed traction while also protecting the efficiency of their footwear, but are equally valuable when covering cleats carried in the sports bag. When used on shoes within a sports bag, cleat covers protect other contents from cleat damage.

As athletes are upgrading their gear for the new season, they need to make sure they are taking good care of their investments. To do this, athletes everywhere are using Cleatskins cleat covers so they don't need to worry about damaging their cleats or other special athletic footwear, such as cycling, basketball, wrestling, cheer and volleyball shoes. Cleatskins make great gifts for athletes and are fashioned to fit a wide selection of athletic footwear.


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